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Year 5

Year 5 Class Staffing


Welcome to year 5. Miss Bird, Mrs Pitchers and Mrs Baddeley

Class Saint

This year, the children have chosen Saint Luke the Evangelist as our class saint. He is the patron saint of artists and doctors and the children chose him because of his devotion to helping others. They believe that he is a great role model in demonstrating acts of kindness and somebody who they can try and follow in the footsteps of.

Our saints day is Friday 18th October.


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Can you feel the force?

This half term we will be focusing on the ‘forces in action’ unit. The children will be exploring different forces such as: gravity, air resistance, friction etc. They will have many opportunities to work scientifically by carrying out experiments involving newton meters, magnets etc. This will help them to explore our over- arching question above.

History or Geography 

Y5 will be exploring Geography this half term - How is life in Mexico different to the UK?

Children will be studying Mexico this half term and comparing life there to life in the UK. Children will be exploring human and physical features such as climate, landscapes and culture. At the end of the unit, they should be able to confidently answer the question above.

ART or D&T 

During spring 2 Y5 will explore Art with the overarching Q "Can a landscape take your breath away?"

Linked to Geography topic Y5 children will be exploring art work linked to ‘New Mexico lands   2capes’. They will be studying the work of artist Georgia ‘O’ Keffee and explore how she created art to illustrate her emotions, thinking and appreciation towards nature. Children will explore techniques for expressing emotion in their art linked to colour, tone and line. Finally an opportunity to create their own piece in the style of ‘O’ Keffee.  

This half term children will be introduced to Flowol software and the concepts of flowchart programming.  Exploring how flowcharts are used to program and control devices on real life automatic computer systems.

Y5 children will explore sequences of instructions, control multiple outputs and structure algorithms with decisions and inputs. 


During Spring 2 Y5 will be exploring parables and the relevance to them in their own lives. Children will also be having a deeper understanding of Lent, exploring temptation, forgiveness and repentance. 

Class Texts

Autumn 1 Street Child by Berlie Doherty

Autumn 2 Varjak Paw by SF Said

Spring 1 FaRther by Grahame Baker-Smith

Spring 2 Oranges in no mans land by Elizabeth Laird

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Homework/Reading Expectations

Children will continue to receive daily Maths and Literacy homework, which is to be completed each night. On Thursdays, children will receive one piece of either Maths or English homework plus one piece of homework linked to a foundation subject (Art, Science, MFL, Computing, Music, Geography, History etc).  This will be due in on the following Monday.

Particular focus this Spring term

During Spring 2 our Literacy focus will be a continuation from Spring 1, Y5 will be using the class text to explore emotive writing. Also using text as a stimulus to write their own newspaper article.

In Maths Y5 will begin the half term working on measurement. Learning how to convert measures including: inches, pints and units of time. Also calculating the perimeter and area of rectilinear shapes and estimating and calculating volume. 


In Spring 2 Y5 children will learn how to ask what they want

drinks, ice-creams, bread and snacks, understand how to work out prices in Euros; sing a song or recite a poem from memory on a related topic; listen to a story and select key words and phrases. At the end of this topic children will devise and perform a short sketch, in groups of two or three, using structures learnt in the unit. 


Dreams & Goals

 Children will have time to reflect upon their own short and long-term dreams and goals.

 They will think about what they may need to do to achieve them including thinking about what skills and attributes they may need, finally Children will engage in careers based learning activities.


PE will be taught on Tuesday afternoons by our specialist teacher Mr Sigley.


Children will continue to be taught by our specialist music teacher Mrs Amison on Wednesday afternoons.


Class Diary- trips, assemblies etc.

Key events for this half term:

Author visit- Friday 28th February (workshops for each class). 

Year 5 Mass- 2nd March 

Parents evening- 3rd and 4th March (see separate letter and school calendar)

World Book Day 5th March and Read with us session 5th March  (see separate letter and school calendar)

Topic Day - September

Topic Day - September 1

Recent Trips/Workshops

Alton Castle 2018 19