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Year 4

Year 4 Class 

Welcome to Year 4!

Class Teacher: Mr Spencer

Classroom support: Mrs Fenton 


Dear parents and children of Year 4!

I do hope you have all had a wonderful summer break and are looking forward to getting back to school and making fantastic progress. Below you will find a brief overview of the curriculum focuses for the first half term as well as individual outlines of the foundation topics for this term.


At St. Mary’s, we have an open door policy so that we are as accessible as possible for any questions that you may have. However due to the circumstances that we find ourselves in at this time, it will not be possible to arrange personal meetings, whilst conversations “on the door” at the beginning and end of the day, should be avoided. If you have any questions, queries or worries, please do email me on the email that is attached below- I will be pleased to help and will attempt to reply to any queries you have as soon as possible. If you need any further support over the course of the term, please do let me know and I will be happy to help in any way I can.


I look forward to working with you and your children this year and cannot wait to see the outstanding progress that we are going to make as a class.


Yours sincerely,


Mr Spencer

Class Saint

Our Class Saint is Saint Jude and this day is celebrated on Friday 23rd October


Jesus teaches us how to pray

Children will understand Jesus’ relationship with God through prayer.

They will also know the prayers that Jesus taught his friends and understand their significance.

Advent and Christmas

Children will be able to place the first coming of Jesus in a historical context and learn of his ancestors.



Our Literacy work will be based around Anthony Browne’s text, ‘Voices in the Park’.  We will learn how to correctly format a letter and will look at the use of formal and informal language. We will also be looking at the features of instruction writing linking to different parts of the story.

Ongoing teaching and learning throughout this and every term will include:

*Grammar    *Handwriting   *Spellings    *Reading and comprehension skills 



In Maths, we will be paying close attention to fractions and decimals this half term. 

We will: Count up and down in hundredths, recognising that hundredths arise when dividing an object by 100

and dividing tenths by 10

Recognise and write decimal equivalents of any number of tenths or hundredths

 Add and subtract fractions with the same denominator

 Round numbers with 1 decimal place to the nearest whole

Please continue to practise times tables at home regularly.

Science Topic 

In Science, we will begin to look at our new topic: ‘States of Matter’.  In this unit, we will primarily group materials based on their state of matter (solid, liquid, gas). Children will be introduced to how some materials can change state and know about the water cycle and the parts played by evaporation and condensation. We shall also scientifically investigate by measuring the temperature at which materials change state


Why are maps important?

This half term, year 4 will be discovering just how useful maps can be. Initially we will be focusing on the fundamentals of map reading, compass utilization and map creation.

After this, we shall be attempting to research ordnance survey maps from the 19th century of the local area and comparing these will contemporary maps to discover how the local area has changed



How can we make a traditional Egyptian food?

Year 4 will be getting to grips with creative cooking this half term! We are going to be linking our cookery skills with our Geography topic researching food from around the world. This will culminate in the making and baking of traditional Egyptian bread called “Mahlab”.



How can an event be advertised digitally?

Children will be exploring a variety of word processing skills in order to advertise and promote a cake sale. This will involve creating and formatting posters, presentations, hyperlinks and e-vouchers to promote their event.


The children will begin to learn and develop their French vocabulary further. They will have a variety of opportunities to practise their oracy, listening and writing skills in French and will be composing their own descriptive paragraphs, poems and stories to describe an animal.





Class Texts


Autumn 1 Journey to Jo'burg, Beverley Naidoo

Autumn 2 Voices in the Park, Anthony Browne

Voices in the Park is more than surreal entertainment. It is rich in many layers of meaning and underlying concepts. Therefore, in reading, a clear focus upon inference will be key this half-term. During the last half term, children began to use inference in relation to the class text- this term we will attempt to expand this further. We will explore how perspective changes through the eyes of different characters and will construct autobiographies and a range of letters from the viewpoints of different characters.


Spring 1 Charlotte's Webb, E. B White


Spring 2  Why the Whales came, Michael Morpurgo

Homework/Reading Expectations

Children should read at home and have their reading diary signed by an adult at least 3 times a week.  It would be very much appreciated if you would talk to your children about their Accelerated Reader target and help them to achieve it by encouraging them to read as much as possible. Again, prizes for outstanding readers will also be given out in class!

Daily Maths and Literacy set each day

Two pieces of homework (Maths or English plus one foundation subject) will be handed out on a Thursday and should be completed and handed in on the following Monday. Some of this homework will be set on Microsoft Teams to ensure that the children have the skills necessary to use Teams and to work remotely.

Spellings, Times tables and Assertive Mentoring will be tested on a Friday.





This half term in P.E. we will be enhancing our athletics skills, focusing on cardio training to maintain fitness.

To do this, children will be taking part in various non-contact athletics activities and challenges to push their endurance levels to the limits!


Please ensure that all PE kit (including pumps) are clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Thank you


Music continues to be taught by Mrs. Amison, every Wednesday.

ear 4 are exploring the use of pitched percussion instruments to create an ensemble piece

Class Diary- trips, assemblies etc.

Autumn 1

Tuesday 22nd September 3.30-6pm – Parent/Teacher target meeting 

Wednesday 23rd September 5.30-8pm – Parent/Teacher target meeting

Friday 18th September - Topic Day

Friday 23rd October - Class Saint (St Jude) Feast day

Recent Trips/Workshops