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Curriculum Overview: Year Four –Week Beginning 6th July 2020 Home Learning


Good Morning Year 4!


It is week 6 of our amazing summer term! I do hope that you have been working hard and have enjoyed your activities at home. The weather had turned a little colder last week, but do not fear. Mr. Spencer has some wonderful activities to get your brains warmed up this week! As with every week, (I’m sure you could write this part yourselves!) you have two inference activities based upon our class text and three tasks based upon and leading up to your Big Write that you will complete next Friday! The Warhorse inference activities are the last of these that you will have in Year 4 so make these count. “Hooray” I hear you cry.

You do have the PowerPoint for the LBQ Math’s tasks for each day, but this does not mean that other resources are not available to you. If you, or your mummies and daddies feel like you require more support or different resources, Mr. Spencer can provide these as soon as possible.

This week, a PowerPoint is included for, Science, Art, Geography and R.E. whilst the tasks for French Computing, Music and PHSE can be completed independently. I hope that the cooler weather hasn’t stopped you getting outside to exercise and you can enjoy some of the warmer weather this week. Remember, that anything that gets your heart rating up, makes you out of breath and a little sweaty (but not smelly!) is perfect and you can exercise in any way you wish to as long as it is safe. Mr. Spencer has continued his lightsaber practice even in the rain by attempting to deflect each individual rain drop. Needless to say, I was quite wet by the end of it and felt rather defeated by the rain. I have thoroughly enjoyed the live sessions that we have been doing. It has been an inexpressible pleasure to see all of your happy faces on the meetings. These meetings will take place at 11:30am and 10am on Monday and Wednesday respectively. If you do have any difficulties getting on to the meeting, please do contact the office. If you haven’t yet attended one of the meetings, please do try to attend as it will be lovely to see and hear from you, and you can have a lovely catch up with the rest of Year 4!

Remember, if you or your mummies and daddies would like to have a conversation with Mr. Spencer, please email me and we can arrange a time to talk. If you have had a conversation with myself, but would like another one, please do email and we can arrange a chat! Please, please do keep sending in your work, it really does make us feel closer to our amazing class and very proud to know how hard you are working at home. Any amazing work that is sent will either be celebrated on the school website or on the celebration newsletter. We don’t have any special days in Year 4 this week, so this means every day is a special day so you need to make sure you are being as loud and musical as possible to celebrate everything that we are blessed with each week. The Dance on the day of “Fri” or the Friday Dance is still one of year 4’s oldest and most noble traditions, therefore this needs to be kept up so that you can carry it on into Year 5! Remember, if you are truly missing being in Year 4, just like Mr. Spencer is, please do send us a letter via email to tell us how you are feeling and what you have been doing and Mr. Spencer will always reply with a letter back to you. As ever, if there is anything else I can do for you or your mummies and daddies, please, please let me know. Mr. Spencer and I will make sure you have whatever provision you need. I know that at this point I always say how proud we are of you. Myself and Mrs. Fenton feel that we should keep telling you this because we are so very proud of how hard you have worked and how you have all been superstars at home. You are our heroes! Keep on being super! Mr. Spencer and Mrs. Fenton


We love to see you working at home! The pictures below celebrate some great examples of recent learning and show how resilient and dedicated our St Mary’s children are!

Well done children! We are really proud of you. 
Remember you can email your pictures of your Home-Learning to
Keep up the hard work everyone


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