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Year 4

Monday 30th March

Good Morning Year 4!

It is week 6! This week is quite an exciting week as it is the last official week before the end of term. Hooray!

However, as you know things are a little different at the moment so I will be setting work for you over the Easter holidays so that we can continue to be amazing!

I hope you have all enjoyed the first week learning from home and that you have all found the work enjoyable and easy to get on with. This week’s work will be similar to last week as you will have several English and Maths tasks to complete on paper as well as online. For this week, you will still have tasks to complete on LBQ. These will follow the same pattern as last week and each day you will have an English, a Maths and a Science task to complete.

These will need to be done on the day you are set them, as they do not run on the following day as I will have set new tasks for you to complete.

Some of you or your mummies and daddies have contacted me asking questions about the LBQ system. Well done to you all! Just like in school, if you are struggling with something or do not quite understand, its best to ask a friend or put your hand up. Think of emailing me as just putting your hand up in class!

The Times tables Rock Stars will continue this week and it has been very interesting to see who has been using this and who is leading the Year 4 leader board for Times table mastery! This week you will also be able to use My Maths which is another easy-to-use website that I have set some Maths challenges on. Unlike LBQ these do not need to be completed on the same day, but will need to be completed each week. Login details will be sent out to you soon, This will be all new to you, so don’t worry if it’s a little confusing at first. Have a go and email me if you have any trouble!

This week, you will also have Computing, History, Science, French and Art to be getting on with as well. As you all know, Mr Spencer loves to make beautiful instruction sheets for you to stick into your books to help you remember what it is that you need to do as well as making your books look pretty! For some of these lessons I have created these, so please do stick these in to help you when you are completing the tasks.

I hope you have all enjoyed the lovely sunshine last week and that you have managed to safely get outside and enjoy the weather whilst being active. It is really important for your brains and your bodies that you get outside as much as possible. This week’s weather is meant to be a little bit colder than last week so you might not be able to get outside as much.

There is still plenty you can do inside to stay active.

Joe Wicks on YouTube is providing a P.E. lesson at 9am every morning to help you get out of bed and get active to start the day. So Year 4, there is no excuses!

Over the last week, it appears that we have had some Birthdays in Year 4. Happy Birthday to Millie and Eddie! Millie and Eddie are now nine years old. This means that they are now really old, just like your mummies and daddies and if we were if class we would have to shout “Hip hip, hooray” nine times as well!

Myself and Mrs Fenton do miss you very much and hope you are staying safe, completing your work and keeping active.

We would love to hear from you. So, if you have any questions or problems with your work, please do get in touch so that we can help you out. I expect that the Friday dance is being completed every Friday and that we are making sure our singing voices don’t get rusty while we are at home.

Finally Year 4, you know you are all amazing. I know you are amazing. Keep showing whoever might be looking after you, just how amazing you are!


We hope that this will help the children to remain active both physically and mentally, while also providing a little support to you parents by giving some ideas for activities to help keep the children entertained while they are away from school.