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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 Class

Miss Downie, Mrs Stacey-Jones and Mrs Wardle

Online Reading Library

Oak National Academy are working with the National Literacy Trust to launch a new online library for pupils. The Virtual School Library hosts free reading and writing content from children’s authors, providing a free-to-access book every week from the platform’s author of the week.

This week’s author is Jacqueline Wilson. A great way to keep children reading at home!

Class Saint

St Teresa of Avila

After receiving many votes during the summer term, it has been decided that our Class Saint for this year will be St Teresa of Avila. St Teresa had many difficulties in her life, yet she always remained grateful to God and her teachings encourage us to be grateful too - she is a great role model for all. Throughout the year, we will be looking at some of the special prayers written by St Teresa and think about how we can commit ourselves to doing the work of Jesus in the world today.

Feast Day: 15th October




We will look at the reaction of the Shepherds when they heard the news of Christ’s birth and at the different names that the Angels called Jesus. We will think about the meaning behind this and also look at how the crib is a special reminder of what happened.

We listen to God’s Word at Mass

In this unit, the children will reflect on the consequences of listening or not listening. We will explore how the Word of God helps guide Christian people along the right path



Animals including Humans

How does Usain Bolt move so quickly?

Explore how animals including humans need the right types and amounts of food to provide nutrition for their bodies

Look at how humans and some other animals have skeletons and muscles for support, protection and movement


Did the lives of ancient Britons really change that much between the Stone Age and Iron Age?

Understand why the stone age period came to an end and how the introduction of bronze changed the lives of Ancient Britons

Explore how housing changed and farming developed

Explore how burial traditions teach us about the past


Explore the significance behind Iron Age brooch designs

Design and select appropriate materials to replicate and Iron age brooch

Evaluate strengths and weaknesses within a final product and suggest ways in which it could be improved




Je me présente

Describe where you live

Know the days of the week

Describe the weather



Drawing and Desktop publishing

Draw and manipulate lines and shapes by selecting the appropriate tools

Rearrange images and text on the page to create the best effect


Dreams and Goals

Show understanding that some people face difficulties when trying to achieve their dreams and goals

Know that it is important to stay motivated even when things are challenging

Try to always have a positive attitude and learn to work well with others


Music will be taught by Mrs Amison each week

We will explore relative pitch and  begin to learn about treble clef staff pitch notation, performing boomwhacker melodies from standard notation and writing our own short melodies.

Class Texts

Spring 1

This half term, our Class Text will be ‘The Abominables’ by Eva Ibbotson.

We will use the text to spark interest in our reading and will draw upon different writing styles and themes presented by the Author to be used in our own work

Autumn 1 Hansel an Gretel by Anthony Browne

Autumn 2 The Iron Man by Ted Hughes

This half term, we will be using Ted Hughes’ novel, ‘The Iron Man’, as an inspiration for our own writing in Literacy.

We will look at the features of report writing and use our findings to write detailed reports about events that happened in the story. Following this, we will look at formal and informal letter writing from the perspective of different characters in the story.



                                                      Homework/Reading expectations for Spring 1

Daily Maths and Literacy set each day

Two pieces of homework (Maths or English plus one foundation subject) will be handed out on a Thursday and uploaded on to Teams if appropriate. This should be completed and handed in on the following Monday.

Spellings and Times tables are tested on a Friday

Please continue to read three times a week and sign in the diaries. Diary checks take place each Friday.

Particular focus this term - Spring 1


The Abominables (Biographies, Non-Chronological Reports)

Grammar focus: Paragraphing, Sub-headings and bullet points , Fronted adverbials, Punctuation for effect.

Reading focus: Drawing inferences from the text, summarising key parts of a story.



In Spring 1 Y3  


Count up and down in tenths. 

Recognise, find and write fractions of a discrete set of objects

Recognise and show, using diagrams, equivalent fractions

Add and subtract fractions with the same denominator

Compare and order fractions


Measure, compare, add and subtract: lengths (m/cm/mm)

Measure the perimeter of simple 2-D shapes 



This half term, we will be practicing a range of different skills in PE

PE will take place on a Tuesday and children will come in their PE kits on that day each week. Please ensure children are wearing trainers and joggers as most sessions will take place outside if the weather is dry.

Class Diary- trips, assemblies etc.

Autumn 1

Friday 18th September - Topic Day

Tuesday 22nd September 3.30-6pm – Parent/Teacher target meeting 

Wednesday 23rd September 5.30-8pm – Parent/Teacher target meeting

15th October – Class Saint Day