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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 Class

Miss Downie supported by

Miss Cooper and Mrs Hartley


School Council representatives 

Oscar Lindop and Emilie Smith

Class Saint

St Vincent de Paul


St Vincent de Paul was committed to caring for the poor in society and those who were in need. He made it his mission to help them.

Today, his mission is carried on by the SVP society and the Mini Vinnies. We will work together to think about the incredible work of our Class Saint and we will use his ideas to inspire our own so that we too can help those near to us and those who are in different parts of the world.


Feast Day: 27th September






We will look at how Jesus valued his relationship with God his Father in prayer. We will look to understand that people can pray in different ways and will be

able to talk about different styles of prayer and some symbols used to help people to pray.


We will explore the stories of the Annunciation and Visitation and how the presence of Christ affected the lives of Mary and Elizabeth. We will look at how Advent is a season to prepare and welcome Christ and we will look at how his presence can be recognised today.





Autumn 2

Forces and Magnets

Can you feel the force?

Compare how things move on different surfaces (friction)

Know that some forces need contact whereas magnetic forces can act at a distance

Know how magnets attract/ repel some materials (two pole +/-) and make predictions




Autumn 2

Stone Age to Iron Age

How did the lives of ancient Britons change during the Stone Age?

Our History work this half term and continuing next half term involves studying the prehistory of Britain, beginning with the Stone Age. During lessons, the children will be carrying out research to answer questions such as ‘What was it like to live during the Stone Age in Britain?’ and ‘Are there any inventions from this era that we still use today?’






How did people communicate in the Stone Age?

We will explore cave paintings this half term and look at the reasons behind why they might have been created. We will explore how natural materials were used to create colours and will recreate our own messages through cave art style pieces.






Je parle Francais

Know how to say please and thank you

Learn and use number 0-20

Follow classroom commands

Know the French words for classroom objects

Name the items in a pencil case






Drawing and Desktop publishing

Draw and manipulate lines and shapes by selecting the appropriate tools

Rearrange images and text on the page to create the best effect






Celebrating difference

Know that families are all different and are important to us

Know how to solve conflict and keep calm

Learn how to help those who are bullied

Recognise how some words can be hurtful

Learn to give and receive compliments





Music will be taught by Mrs Amison each week


Class Texts

Autumn 2


This half term, we will be using Ted Hughes’ novel, ‘The Iron Man’, as an inspiration for our own writing in Literacy. We will look at the features of report writing and use our findings to write detailed reports about events that happened in the story. Following this, we will look at formal and informal letter writing from the perspective of different characters in the story.

Autumn 1

Hansel and Gretel’


Anthony Browne


Our class text for this half term is ‘Hansel and Gretel’, written by Anthony Browne. As words are limited in this book, we will be exploring how images can present hidden messages and how we can deduce the feelings of characters from the way they are portrayed in the pictures.


                                                      Homework/Reading expectations

Autumn 1

Daily Maths and Literacy set each day

Two pieces of homework (Maths or English plus one foundation subject) will be handed out on a Thursday and should be completed and handed in on the Monday that follows.

Spellings and Times tables are tested on a Friday

Reading at home should take place at least three times a week. This will be monitored through weekly diary checks and through Accelerated Reading quizzes

Particular focus this term 

Literacy Autumn 2



The Iron Man (Report Writing, Letter Writing)

Grammar focus: Apostrophes for possession and contraction, conjunctions, formal or informal, paragraphing, technical language

Reading focus: Drawing inferences from the text, summarising key parts of a story



Autumn 2

Multiplication and Division

Recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 3, 4 and 8 multiplication tables

Write and calculate mathematical statements for multiplication and division, including for two-digit numbers times one-digit numbers; using mental and formal written methods

Solve problems, including missing number problems, involving multiplication and division




This half term, we will be practicing a range of different skills in PE

PE will take place on a Monday with Mr Sigley Please ensure children have both trainers and joggers as some sessions may take place outside.





Class Diary- trips, assemblies etc.