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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 

Miss Gilbert

Supported by Mrs Frederick and Mrs Hartley


Class Saint

St Paul the Apostle


Y2 class Saint is St Paul the Apostle and this feast day is celebrated on Tuesday 29th June.


Autumn 2

Sharing in the life of Jesus

Develop our knowledge and understanding of the life of Mary and Jesus and the call of the disciples. Learn about some saints who have responded to the call of Jesus.

Explore how prayer and silent prayer gives us an opportunity to spend time with God.


Develop our knowledge of the time, symbols and characters of the liturgical Season of Advent.

Know how Advent is a season of preparation for Christmas and explore this through stories like John the Baptist and through parish activities.

Science Topic 

Autumn 2 - How can we grow our own salad?


Label parts of plants and trees and explain the function of each part.

Observe and describe how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants;

Find out and describe how plants need water, light and suitable temperature to grow and stay healthy.

Working scientifically

Ask simple scientific questions.

Observe carefully, using simple equipment

Gathering and recording data to help in answering questions.

History  Topic 

Autumn 2

Did Zog start ‘The Great fire of London’?

Know what certain objects from the past might have been used for.

Know how to use books and the internet to find out more information about the past


Autumn 2 - DT

Can art tell a story?

Children will be able to explain why they have chosen specific textiles.

They can choose tools and materials and explain why they have chosen them.

Children will be able to join materials and components in different ways.

They will be able to explain what went well with their work.



Autumn 2 

How can I keep my personal information safe?

Children can recognise common uses of information technology beyond school.

Know more about using technology safely and respectfully.

Class Texts

Autumn 1

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Book? Lauren Child

‘Who’s afraid of the big, bad book?’ This is all about fairy tales but not as you’ve seen them before!

Frog and Toad Together – Arnold Lobel


Autumn 2

Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper

The Flower by John Light

VLAD and the Great Fire of London by Kate Cunningham



Homework/Reading Expectations

Autumn 1 2020

Daily Homework

Daily Maths homework will be four questions practicing the four basic operations. They should be completed and returned daily.

Daily English homework will support the development and enrichment of vocabulary. Words will be taken from class texts or stories read in school. Homework will be given on a Monday and collected on a Friday.

Weekly Homework

Children will receive one piece from either Science, History, Geography, Art, DT, French, Computing or PSHE (these subjects will be rotated on a weekly basis).

Homework is handed out on a Monday and handed in on Thursday.

Reading Diaries

Children are encouraged to read at home daily (for at least 20 minutes) and are expected to have their diaries signed by an adult at least 3 times a week.



Spellings will be given out on Monday and tested in the form of a dictation on a Friday.

Particular focus for this term

Autumn 2


Add and subtract numbers, including 2 digits and 10s and two 2-digit numbers.

Know the value of British coins including £ and p. Apply this in problem solving in real life contexts,

such as giving change.

Recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 2, 3, 5 and 10x tables.



Know how to use different sentence types such as questions and commands.

Use conjunctions for coordination and subordination.

Use commas to separate items in a list.

Use adjectives and expanded noun phrases to add detail and vary ideas.

Use the past tense correctly and begin to use progressive tenses.

Use punctuation such as capital letters, full stops, question marks, exclamation marks and commas





Autumn 2 Dance

Demonstrate changes of direction, level and speed,

Repeat and perform sequences with increasing difficulty

 Develop the fundamentals of movement – jog, jump, hop, weight on hands and balance)



Music continues to be taught by Mrs Amison.



Is it good to be different?

Know how they are special

Understand that boys and girls are different

Understand how sometimes people have stereotypes but its ok to like different things.

Know that difference is something to celebrate



Class Diary- trips, assemblies etc.

Autumn 1 

18/09/20 – Topic Day

22/09/20 – Target meetings 3.30pm-6pm

23/09/20 – Target meetings 5.30pm-8pm