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Mrs J Scattergood

and Mrs P Massey


Curriculum Information – Year One – Autumn 1 2021


Welcome back to St. Mary’s; we are looking forward to working with you and your children! Year 1 is a very important next step in your child’s early learning journey. We always stress that this is the year to practise and learn new things; we aren’t expected to ‘know’ everything already, we never ever ‘go wrong’ we simply practise our basic skills, through fun tasks, until we can almost do them in our sleep!


The basic skills are formation of letters and numbers, served by a secure writing style, an understanding of the ‘value’ of numbers and the patterns within the number system and all of the PSHE and RSE Virtues and Values, put into daily practise. We are always there to listen and I would like to invite you to make an appointment, either on the telephone or in person, via the office should you wish to discuss any matter arising during your child’s time with us in Year 1!


Many thanks, in advance, for your support

Yours in Learning Mrs. Scattergood & Mrs. Massey.


Class Saint

Y1 have chosen St Francis of Assisi as their Class Saint.

This special day is celebrated on 4th October.

This will be celebrated in school week beginning 11th October, tbc






 Autumn 1 in Y1


The Virtues & Values this half term are

‘Eloquent and Truthful’.


We are going to be listening to & sequencing the story of Creation; we will be giving thanks for all that God has created for us.


Science Topic

Autumn 1

Animals including humans

We will be learning about our body parts, how to name, draw and label the basic parts of the human body and how to link the body parts to senses / function of senses.





Know the names of the four countries that make up the UK

We will be looking closely at the make-up of the United Kingdom, their position on the world map and the flags that represent them. We will also be learning our address and understanding where we live in relation to other places we may or may not already know in the UK.


ART Topic



Know the names of the primary and basic secondary colours

We will be learning about the primary colours and how we can use them to make secondary colours. We will also be looking at the simple concept of line and, joining both concepts together, we will study and emulate the style of Mondrian






Create, store & retrieve digital content

Word Processing

We will be set a challenge to become the next Julia Donaldson!  We will learn how to create, alter, store and retrieve our written content.






Class Text

Autumn 1




We will be exploring our topic

Once upon a time’.

To help us to understand the meaning of beginnings, the importance of our families and how & why we need to keep ourselves healthy to enable us to grow, we are going to be listening to, and working with, a range of texts. Stick Man is just one of these books, written by our class author Julia Donaldson and ‘Eat your Peas’ is a funny book written by Kes Gray.


Homework/Reading Expectations

                                 Autumn 1 term


Daily Homework

Daily Maths homework (small blue book) will be four questions practising the four basic operations; they should be completed and returned daily.

Weekly homework

Children will receive one piece from either RE, science, art, DT, history, geography, computing or PSHE (these subjects will be rotated and linked to the class topics).

Reading Diaries

Children are encouraged to read at home daily (for at least 20 minutes) and are expected to have their diaries signed by and an adult at least 3 times a week (a member of staff will check the diaries on a Monday Wednesday and Friday)


Spellings will be given out every Monday and then tested, in the form of dictation – also practising high frequency words – every Friday.


Particular focus this term

In Autumn 1

 literacy focus


We will be continuing to enjoy stories, linked to our topic, written by our class author, Julia Donaldson amongst other authors.
We will be practicing skills such as:


 Sitting correctly at the desk.

Begin to form lower case letters correctly with correct spacing

Write simple dictated sentences

Write sequenced sentences that can be understood


In Maths Autumn 1



to know and use numbers

We will be consolidating the basic understanding of numbers, reading, writing, sorting and counting on & back. We will also be able to represent and identify 1 more and 1 less than a given number and say which amount has less (fewer) or more.


This term we will be continuing to follow the Ten:Ten ‘Life to the Full’ programme for RSE; we have all REALLY enjoyed learning this so far!

You can log into the parent portal to access information about the programme your children will be following, access the resources and suggestions for further activities at home.

Username:  st-mary-st6

Password:   vision24-st6



PE: General Skills

On Tuesday mornings we will be working alongside Port Vale focusing upon skills such as moving with control and care, repeated

actions and skills and using equipment safely.

From week beginning 20th September we will be going swimming on Friday afternoons!

Please check out the school website for information about PE & swimming kit expectations

Remember… NO leggings or cycling shorts; please wear the correct PE shorts or tracksuit bottoms





Everyday Sounds and Classroom Percussion Timbres – We will be listening to everyday sounds and sounds from particular places or occasions. We will explore the timbres of the classroom percussion instruments and learn to follow symbols when playing instruments. We will practise taking turns and listening when we use our voices and we will compose some musical patterns of our own




Class Diary- trips, assemblies etc.

Autumn 1