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Year 1


Year 1 Class Staffing

Mrs J Scattergood

Mrs P Massey

Class Saint

Y1 have chosen St John Bosco as their Class Saint.

This special day is celebrated on 31st January





 Autumn 1 in Y1

The Virtues & Values this half term are

 ‘Curious & Active’.

We are going to be listening to & sequencing the story of Creation; we will be giving thanks for all that is created for us by God.

Autumn 2 in Y1

We will be continuing to think about Families and celebrations through November

From 1st December we will be focusing our thoughts on the message of Advent, preparing ourselves for the celebration of Christmas, the birth of our Saviour, Jesus.

Spring 1 in Y1

Following on from our Advent focus we will be looking at the wonderful Christmas Story, focusing upon The Holy Family, the visitors to the stable and the best Christmas present of all, Our Lord, Jesus Christ

Spring 2 in Y2 

We will be thinking about the parables and miracles within the Bible which help us to understand how best to live our lives, especially during this season on Lent.

 Remember… this is the special time when we think about our actions and how we can help others – it’s not just ‘a time to give up’ chocolate,  it is ‘a time to take something on’ such as a virtue, honesty, gratefulness and generosity.



Science Topic

Spring 1


‘How does your garden grow?’

We will be completing observations and learning about different plants, flowers and trees. We will also be learning about the effects of the weather on growth,  linking it to the seasons

I can label the roots, leaf, stem, petal, branch, trunk and fruit on pictures of plants or trees 

I can identify and describe the basic structure of a variety of flowering plants including trees          

I can start to explain the basic job of the roots, stem and flowers in common plants.


History Topic

Who put the pot into the potteries?

We will be learning about our local area, past and present; taking a specific look at the Potteries and the part that Josiah Wedgwood played in it.

I use words and phrases like: before, after, past, present, then and now.

I use words and phrases like: old, new and a long time ago

I know about someone famous who was born of lived near our town.

I know why there is a monument to a famous person or event in the town centre.


ART Topic


We will be exploring lots of different types of art and asking lots of questions such as…

Who are you looking at?

Why was this made? Who made it?

What does it tell us?

know how to cut, roll and coil materials

know how to show how people feel in paintings and drawings

know how to create a repeating pattern in print 

describe what can be seen and give an opinion about the work of an artist

ask questions about a piece of art.





How can I make you do what I say?’

We are going to be exploring simple programming algorithms, thinking about the concepts of instructions and directions through…


create a series of instructions and plan a journey for a programmable toy reasoning

predict what the outcome of a simple program will be (logical reasoning).

create programs

create, store and retrieve digital content



Class Text

Spring 2

Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson

We will be exploring our topic ‘On the move!’

For this, we will be reading a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books by different authors during Story Time and during Literacy lessons (when we are all back in school).

Spring 1

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

We will be exploring our topic ‘Polar Adventures!’ and thinking about life in the South, and North Pole. We will be focusing upon the story ‘Lost & Found’ written by Oliver Jeffers along with other popular texts such as ‘The Snow Queen’ and  ‘The Snail & The Whale’, a classic written by our class author, Julia Donaldson

Autumn 1 

Stickman Julia Donaldson

We will be exploring our topic

Once upon a time’. To help us understand the meaning of beginnings and the importance of ourselves and our families we are going to be listening to and working with a range of texts. Stick Man is just one of these books, written by our class author Julia Donaldson.

Autumn 2

'Elmer The Patchwork Elephant' by David McKee

We will be exploring our topic ‘Celebrate with a BANG!’ by thinking about the message of Elmer which tells us that we are all to celebrate being different and that the best way to be is to be ourselves!

Homework/Reading Expectations

Daily Maths (little blue book focusing on the 4 operations)

Spellings (handed out on Monday, quiz as a dictation on Friday)

Foundation Subjects (pink books, compulsory, weekly)

Home Reading (3 x weekly, please ensure that you sign the diary


Particular focus this term

In Spring 2

 literacy focus

We will be continuing to enjoy stories, linked to our topic, written by our class author, Julia Donaldson amongst other authors

We will continue to apply the basics of writing; letters and sounds – recognition and representation, handwriting – correctly formed and positioned, demarcated sentences – capital letters and end marks.

We will also be focusing upon the grammatical feature of adjectives – a word that describes a noun / pronoun.

We will also begin to look at rhyme, through storytelling, poetry and songs.


In Maths Spring 2


We will continue to apply basic skills linked with the four operations, add, subtract, divide and multiply. Tasks will be set to deepen the understanding of these basic operations to ensure that children are able to understand them, apply them and to use them in reasoning.

We will be taking a close look at time, money and measurement



We are lucky this half term to have a sequence of ‘Multi skills’ lessons by Port Vale and Mr. Sigley

PE days will be on Monday and Tuesday.


This half tern in Y1 we will refine our ability to take turns and sequence sounds when playing instruments.

We will create and choose sound effects to enhance an image related to our topic. We will explore the term ‘timbre’ in relation to classroom percussion instrument sounds and continue our rhythm notation reading activities.

Class Diary- trips, assemblies etc.