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Watch me learn


On Friday 15th November we invited our parents to our termly ‘watch me learn’ session for the foundation stage, Ks1 and Ks2.  During this session the parents experienced a lesson with their child that gave them a great insight into their child’s life at school and their learning experiences.

Many thanks to all those parents who attended, also thank you for all the extremely positive comments that were made, here are just a few below:


"It is nice to see how English is taught, I found the 'finding evidence' in the text most useful".

" it is lovely to see and watch how the children learn, sounding sentences".

" Seeing the learning in each classroom adapted to each child's level of understand and learning".

"Observing my child doing some of the work he doesn't like to do at home! Understanding the way things are taught so that I can try and help my child at home".

"Seeing how teachers interact with each child is great".

"Seeing how different capabilities in reading and writing are handled".

"Being able to see my child work independently in a writing session (Ks2) and watching letter formations and language used to formulate them (Ks1)".

"Lovely to have the opportunity to see all the displays throughout school and excellent behaviour in classes and fun too!Being able to see my child have the confidence to answer questions out loud was great". 

There is a ‘watch me learn’ session each term – so don't worry if you missed out this time.



On Friday 7th February Parents, family members were once again welcomed to our second Watch me Learn session of this academic year. On this day parents, carers and family members had the opportunity to come inside their child'c classroom to watch a science lesson. Thee was the opportunity afterwards to give feedback and discuss thoughts over light mid morning refreshments.

Here are some of your comments;