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Year 4

Final letter toYear 4


Curriculum Overview: Year Four –Week Beginning 13th July 2020 Home Learning


Good Morning Year 4!

It is week 7 of our fabulous final term! I do very much hope you have continued to work

like superstars at home (casual simile thrown in for your enjoyment) and have produced

some amazing pieces of work. The weather has been a little moist of late, but with a new

week, comes new weather and a fantastic new activity pack for you to enjoy!

Just the same as the last few weeks, (Would you like to tell me this week?) you have

two reading based tasks that are based on Non-chronological reports and three tasks to

support you in your Big Write that you will complete on Friday!

You do have the usual PowerPoint for the LBQ Math’s tasks for each day, but this

does not mean you cannot ask for other resources. If you, or your mummies and

daddies do feel like you would benefit from some extra resources, please do let

Mr. Spencer know and I can send some over to you!

As always, a PowerPoint is included for, Art, Science, Geography and R.E. whilst the

activities for Computing, French, Music and PHSE can be completed independently.

I do hope that the more moist weather hasn’t stopped you getting outside to exercise-

hopefully the rain will have watered you and made you grow! This week is hopefully

going to be warmer and therefore you can get out and exercise! As always,

anything that gets your heart rate up, makes you out of breath and a little sweaty

(but not smelly!) is perfect and you can exercise in any way you wish to as long as

it is safe. Mr. Spencer has continued his lightsaber practice and has now been

admitted onto the Jedi council, being granted the rank of “Master”. Well done to Mr.


Mr. Spencer feels very blessed that he has been able to see you all when you have

attended the Teams meetings, especially Mrs. Fenton’s lesson. I hope you have all found

these as enjoyable as Mr. Spencer has. As ever, a meeting will take place at 11.00am on

Monday. As always, if you do have any difficulties getting on to the meeting, please do

contact the office. If you haven’t yet attended one of the meetings, please do try to

attend for the last week, as it will be lovely to see and hear from you, and this might be

the last chance you get in Year 4! Please remember, if you or your mummies and

daddies would like to have a conversation with Mr. Spencer, please email me and

we can arrange a time to talk. Mr. Spencer can still offer support over the

summer break as well!

Please keep sending in your work. The work you send means so much to us and lets

us know that our amazing class is still amazing! Any fantastic work that is sent will

either be celebrated on the school website or on the celebration newsletter.

We don’t have any special days in Year 4 for this week, but we do have quite a few over

the summer so I shall include them here so you can give each child a wonderful “Happy

Birthday” followed by 9 “hip hip hoorays” and one more for good luck!

Happy Birthday Jack Gater on 1st August, Charlie Smith on 2nd August, Georgie

Hackney on 4th August, Lucas Rigby on 9th August, Ruby Farrington on 20th August, Riley

Bradshaw on 28th August and Isabelle Goodwin on 29th August. I hope you all have a

magical day! As your Birthdays take place when we are not in school, I still expect you

all to save Mr Spencer a big fat piece of cake for when we get back to school!

The dance that we hold most dear (The Friday Dance) is so special to some of you and I

know that happy little things such as this have helped to keep Mr. Spencer and Mrs.

Fenton going. Please do keep the Friday Dance up throughout the summer as Friday will always be a special day to Year 4. At this point, I would normally encourage you to write a letter to us (you can still do this) but for this week, I have written you one to thank you for an amazing year and wishing you all the best as you enter into Year 5. Please do read this as every word has come from our hearts. As ever, keep on being the best class ever throughout the summer and into Year 5. If there is anything you need over the summer, please do let me know. Have a fantastic and well-earned break! Take care, Year 4. Mr. Spencer and Mrs. Fenton



We love to see you working at home! The pictures below celebrate some great examples of recent learning and show how resilient and dedicated our St Mary’s children are!

Well done children! We are really proud of you. 
Remember you can email your pictures of your Home-Learning to
Keep up the hard work everyone


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Edith has been making sure to keeps on being musical by practising the violin regularly!

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