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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Meet the team

Mrs. Scattergood - Class Teacher

Mrs. Massey - Teaching Assistant

Miss James - Teaching Assistant with 1:1Pupil support

Summer 2

Class Saint - St. Francis of Assisi 

St. Francis was born: 1182 in a small town called Assisi in Italy. Francis was born into a very rich family and, when he was nineteen years old, Francis went to battle; he was a brave knight. But, unfortunately, Francis was captured and taken prisoner. He was held prisoner in a dungeon for a year and was then set free.

Over the next few years Francis began to see visions from God that changed his life.. At first he thought that God had called him to fight but then he had another vision that told him to help the sick. Finally, when praying in a church, Francis heard God tell him to "repair my church, which is falling in ruins."

Francis gave all his money to the church. His father became very angry with him. Francis then left his father's home and took a vow of poverty.

Francis lived his life of poverty and preached to people about the life of Jesus Christ and people began to follow him. By 1209, he had around 11 followers. He had one basic rule which was "To follow the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and to walk in his footsteps".

Francis was a devoted follower of the Catholic Church. He and his followers travelled to Rome to get the approval for their religious Order from the Pope. At first, the Pope was reluctant but then he eventually understood their vow of poverty and blessed the Order.

Francis was known for his love of nature and animals. There are many stories about Saint Francis and his preaching to animals. It is said that one day he was talking to some birds when they began to sing together. Then they flew into the sky and formed the sign of a cross.

It is also said that Francis could tame wild animals. One story tells of a vicious wolf in the town that was killing the people and the sheep. The people of the town were frightened and didn't know what to do. Francis went to the town to talk with the wolf. At first, the wolf growled at Francis and prepared to attack him. However, Francis made the sign of the cross and told the wolf not to hurt anyone else. The wolf then became tame and the town was safe.

Year 1 have chosen to ask Saint Francis to guide them this year, showing them how to be good stewards of God’s Creation and how to walk in the footsteps of Jesus.



                           This half term we are going to be thinking about Jesus, teacher & healer and Following Jesus today.                             We will be thinking about the amazing things that Jesus did and the special people who followed Jesus, His disciples. We will then move on to think about the things that we do and can do, in our life, to make sure that we are true followers of Jesus too!



Phonics Screening will take place in the SECOND WEEK of term; 10th – 14th June

We will be revisiting the letters & sounds that we have learnt so far. We will continue to learn about applying all sounds, and alternative sounds, in words when we write and read.


We will be focusing on multi-skills and practising the sports day race favourites!

All named PE kits should be kept in school at all times so that we can make the most of every opportunity to practise! 

We will also be going swimming every Tuesday pm so please ensure that all named swimming kit is in school for Tuesday, including a towel!



Reading – Please continue to listen to your child read up to 3 x a week, please continue to sign the diary too!

We are ‘blown away’ with the reading progress of all of the children since September – a huge thank-you to all parents for working hard with your child at home!

Daily Maths – we will continue to set daily maths homework, as a word document, on Purple Mash. This will be a set of questions relating to the 4 operations of + - x ÷, please upload when complete.

Creative - we will resume (after the phonics screening) to set a piece of creative homework in the pink books. This will be focused on any of the foundation subjects, or RE, all matched to classroom learning. Please hand in by Tuesday.

Class Diary- trips, assemblies etc.

Please see the school website / Messenger for further information.