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Our Patron Saint - St. Mary

Saint Mary


St. Mary was faith-filled throughout her life. Owing to her sinless nature, Saint Mary was visited by the Angel Gabriel who declared that she had been chosen, by God, to be the Mother of His son Jesus, Saviour of the world. Saint Mary was betrothed to marry Saint Joseph and, following another visitation of the messenger angel, the Holy Family was completed.


St. Mary is a great inspiration for us all. Throughout her life she led by example in all areas of virtue such as compassion, love, faithfulness, patience, kindness and humility. It is the innate characteristics of Motherhood that help us all to ‘feel’ Mary so closely within our lives. She provides a role model for mothers and is always ready to listen to us and to intercede for us.


St. Mary, Mother of God is patron saint of all humanity, she watches over them all with motherly care due to her role as the mother of Jesus Christ. As well as this, Saint Mary is the patron saint of different groups that include mothers, blood donors, travellers and those who work in the travel industry, cooks and construction workers and people who make clothes and jewellery. The countries that hold Saint Mary as their patron saint are Guam, Guatemala, Haiti and Honduras. Saint Mary is also the patron saint of a whole host of towns and villages throughout the world.