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Progression in Computing

Progression in Computational Knowledge, Concepts and Skills



Progression in Computational Knowledge, Concepts and Skills

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6



create a series of instructions and plan a journey for a programmable toy


understand that algorithms are used on digital devices






Create programs


create, store and retrieve digital content


write a simple program and test it


create, store and retrieve digital content


give an ‘on-screen’ robot specific instructions that takes them from A to B


use technology to control an external device


write a program that combines more than one attribute


Develop programmes



design a sequence of instructions, including directional instructions


experiment with variables to control models


develop a program that has specific variables identified


develop a sequenced program that has repetition and variables identified


Using programmes



understand what computer networks do and how they provide multiple services


produce and upload a podcast


combine sequences of instructions and procedures to turn devices on and off


present the data collected in a way that makes it easy for others to understand





predict what the outcome of a simple program will be (logical reasoning).


discern when it is best to use technology and where it adds little or no value


make an accurate prediction and explain why they believe something will happen (linked to programming)


analyse and evaluate information reaching a conclusion that helps with future developments


design algorithms that use repetition and 2-way selection


Using technology


use a website and a camera record sound and play back


understand that programs require precise instructions

organise, retrieve and manipulate digital content






Uses of IT beyond school


talk about some of the IT uses in their own home


know how technology is used in school and outside of school






Safe use


use technology safely


keep personal information private


know where to go for help if concerned.


use technology respectfully and responsibly


Know different ways they can get help if concerned


recognise acceptable and unacceptable behaviour using technology


understand that they have to make choices when using technology and that not everything is true and/or safe


Be increasingly aware of the potential dangers in using aspects of IT and know when to alert someone if feeling uncomfortable






navigate the web to complete simple searches


know how to search for specific information and know which information is useful and which is not




Search engines




use a range of software for similar purposes

collect and present information


select and use software to accomplish given goals


understand how search results are selected and ranked


be aware that some search engines may provide misleading information