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Crafty Kidz

'Craftykidz' provide fun, educational and creative art and craft activities each week to build essential life skills in a relaxed, mindful and fun filled atmosphere. Theses sessions take place every Thursday and is available for all children from Reception to Year 6. 


What the Children have to say

"I get to make new friends, It's fun. I like the painting activities, we do lots of those." (Ruby, Year 6)

"It's like a big family of crafts. I like that we get to make lots of crafts and get to take them home." (Amelia, Year 4)

"We do lots of crafts that are linked to the seasons, we make Christmas crafts at Christmas, Easter crafts at Easter and Halloween crafts at Halloween." (Chloe, Year4) 


For further information, please contact the school office or Julie directly

Tel: 07768894240

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