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Meet the Staff


Principal   1 Mr Beardmore Principal

Head of School

Head of School  1 Mrs Rathbone Head of School

Nursery Class

Nursery Class  1 Miss Priestman Class Teacher
Nursery Class  2 Mrs Bissell Early Years Practitioner
Nursery Class  3 Mrs Edwards Teaching Support Assistant

Reception Class

Reception Class 1 Mrs Statham Class Teacher/Assistant Principal
Reception Class 2 Mrs Clarke Early Year Practitioner
Reception Class 3 Miss Kelsall Apprentice Teaching Support Assistant
Reception Class 4 Miss Wallace Teaching Support Assistant

Year 1 Class

Year 1 Class 1 Mrs Scattergood Class Teacher
Year 1 Class 2 Mrs Massey Teaching Support Assistant
Year 1 Class 3 Mrs Hartley Teaching Support Assistant

Year 2 Class

Year 2 Class 1 Miss Gilbert Class Teacher
Year 2 Class 2 Mrs Frederick Senior Teaching Assistant
Year 2 Class 3 Mrs Wardle Teaching support Assistant

Year 3 Class

Year 3 Class 1 Miss Downie Class Teacher
Year 3 Class 2 Mrs Stacey-Jones Teaching Support Assistant
Year 3 Class 3 Mis Cotterill Classroom Assistant

Year 4 Class

Year 4 Class 1 Mr Spencer Class Teacher
Year 4 Class 2 Mrs Fenton Teaching Support Assistant

Year 5 Class

Year 5 Class 1 Miss Bird Class Teacher
Year 5 Class 2 Mrs Pitchers Teaching Support Assistant
Year 5 Class 3 Miss Cooper Teaching Support Assistant

Year 6 Class

Year 6 Class 1 Mrs Mortimer Class Teacher
Year 6 Class 2 Mr Zoumides Class Teacher
Year 6 Class 3 Mrs Jenkins Senior Teaching Assistant
Year 6 Class 4 Mrs Carter Teaching Assistant


PE  1 Mr Sigley PE Teacher

Safeguarding Officer

Safeguarding Officer  1 Mrs Scarlett Safeguarding Officer

Office Staff

Office Staff 1 Mrs Edge Office Manager
Office Staff 2 Mrs Hudson Admin Assistant

Wraparound Care / Lunchtime Supervisor

Wraparound Care / Lunchtime Supervisor 1 Mrs Bruce Breakfast/Care Club & Lunchtime
Wraparound Care / Lunchtime Supervisor 2 Mrs Sidley Lunchtime Supervisor

Site Manager & Janitor

Site Manager & Janitor 1 Mr Murphy Site Manager


Kitchen 1 Mr Richardson Catering Manager
Kitchen 2 Miss Austin Catering Assistant
Kitchen 3 Mrs Brady Catering Assistant


Cleaners 1 Mrs Meir Cleaner
Cleaners 2 Mrs Brady Cleaner